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Bulat massageYevhen Bulat

The city of Zaporizhzhia. The president of Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine. The Head of The World of Massage Training Center numbering 1600 graduates, many of whom work in different countries. Among the graduates there are Massage Champions League Winner 2018, the winners and nominees of the massage championships. Master of physical rehabilitation, university lecturer, master-level massage therapist in therapeutic massage. Professional practice as a massage therapist since 1995 (12 years in hospital), teaching experience since 2006 (3 years in university). Organizer of massage festival and contests of Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine. Massage Championship Judge. Speaker of forums and conferences. The author of in-person and online training programs on various types and techniques of massage, including Thai massage programs and Hawaiian Lomi psycho-physical practice. The sound therapist with a Tibetan dedication and mantra therapy skills. The author of the idea of holding a professional online contest for the best massage therapist. Chief Administrator of the website of Remote Training and Online Support of Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine.

Ihor Deikun

Representative of Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine in the city of Sumy. Master in Physical Rehabilitation, practicing massage therapist. The founder of the Lubava Massage Studio 2010. The organizer of a series of All-Ukrainian massage championships and forums. Teacher, championship judge and speaker at massage forums. Silver medalist of the Massage Championship of Ukraine 2011, champion of Ukraine of Massage 2012, champion of the Swiss National Massage Championship 2020 in the category of Swedish Massage, repeat winner of regional championships, participant of international championships and world championship of massage.

Oles Yerosov

The city of Kyiv. Master of classical massage, the developer of the author’s wellness programs and SPA procedures. Multiple nominee and winner of the Classic and SPA Massage Championships of Ukraine. Judge of the SPA Massage Championships. Lecturer of INELDEA Massage Academy.



Oleksandr Shtanko

The city of Kharkiv. Board member of the Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine. Lecturer at Karazin Kharkiv National University, Regional Medical College, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor.



Davybida Natalia

Ternopil Associate Professor of "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Education" Ternopil National Medical University named after I.Ya. Gorbachev Ministry of Health of Ukraine