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Free style

Allotted time: Duration 30 minutes.

The participant demonstrates mastery of the claimed types and techniques of massage, as well as their competent combined use in the claimed program.

Program presentation

In offline championships, free style participants have always presented what program they demonstrate, so we decided to continue this tradition in the online contest. It is necessary to understand whether the participant correctly selected and composed the techniques, contributed his author’s vision or technique of performing massage to accomplish the tasks and goals of his program.

In the presentation of the program briefly give the name, tasks, justification, list the methods used and additional methods of effect during 2 minutes.

The presentation and video can be provided in a single file, with possible editing of presentation, or submitted in different files simultaneously.

  1. Appearance, observance of sanitary and hygienic and moral and ethical norms, design, massage, allotted time, ergonomics – up to 25 points


 clothing, aseptics, ethics 0-4
 equipment, design 0-4
pace, allotted time, video quality 0-4
ergonomics of massage therapist, 0-9
ergonomics of the person being massaged 0-4


Clothing: General appearance should be neat. No long nails. The hair should be tidy, pulled back. No jewelry, watches and other things interfering with massage session. Clothing should be comfortable for massage. Color does not matter.


Hand wash before massage: washing with special antiseptics, wipes. Observance of hygiene rules regarding premise, equipment and working tools.


Attentive, polite, patient, tactful attitude.  Excessive nudity is not allowed.


Before massage session it is necessary to arrange the equipment to make the work convenient and balanced.


Additional solutions for the workplace are allowed, taking into account hygienic norms. Availability of rugs, disposable linen, hats, towels. Covering the model should comply with moral and ethical standards. Unreasonable distractions, including on camera, conversations during massage are not recommended if it is not specified in the program. Think about the interior of the workspace, remove unnecessary elements.


Work at a pace according to the goals and objectives of massage.


The evaluation takes into account the position and movement. It is desirable to demonstrate the ability to use the ergonomics during massage session. Properly distribute weight and load. Do not ‘overplay’. Pay attention to breathing.

When evaluating the ergonomics of the model, its position and convenience are taken into account.

Evaluated: 0-15 points

  1. Technique, compliance with the stated massages
  2. The originality of the program, a successful combination of different massages
  3. Effectiveness according to the stated purpose
  4. Artistry, demonstration

Originality: Innovation, new ideas, their expediency, practicality of the program are estimated. Compliance with the specified massage techniques, rules, requirements, goals and objectives. The potential of massage, its effectiveness, attractiveness as a finished product.

Effectiveness: Competent, integral, harmonious influence on all sensory systems of an organism depending on the purposes and tasks of massage.

Artistry: Design of the workspace, setting the program, costumes, the use of a single style, harmony and integrity of massage program in the aesthetic aspect, service are evaluated. Care of the model.


Performing techniques without the possibility of psycho-physical injuries. Attention to possible individual reactions from the model. Dosage.

You can get a maximum of 100 points per performance.