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General provisions

One video in one or different nominations per month from one massage therapist is accepted. Now there are two nominations

‘Classical massage’

‘Free style’

Applicants can participate in the contest an unlimited number of times, except for participants who won prizes this year. The winners have the right to take part in the final contest ‘Best Massage Therapist of the Year’.

You can submit a new video every month
You can participate with a video that has already been submitted to the contest, in this case you shall complete an application form again and pay the organizational fee

to participate in the contest you need to take 4 steps:

  1. Complete an application form

Indicate in the application the name, surname, place of residence, nomination in which you participate, month and year. Your Facebook page. Send a letter to the specified email

2. Pay the organizational fee.

The organizers decided to support the specialists during the quarantine period and set the cost of the fee in the following amounts:

Classical massage

for graduates of massage schools of Organizers and Partners – 10 Euro,

for others – 15 Euro

Free style – 12 Euro

The members of Professional Association of Massage Therapists of Ukraine and people with disabilities can participate in the ‘Classic Massage” at no charge 2 times a year

You can obtain a card account from the Organizer or the Partner of the contest

3. Shoot and post the video as described in the rules below
4. Send a LINK to the video at

 Email bulatev@gmail.com

or send a link via your teacher if your massage school is the Organizer or Partner of the Contest.

Fijis Company, a sponsor of the Contest, presents a set of batteries to all registered participants

Your video will be posted at YouTube channel of Professional Association of Massage Therapists on which the voting will take place.

You shall sign in with your Google Account to comment

Video requirements

Check out YouTube’s content policy, in case of violations your video will be blocked, as well as your participation in the contest.

The video should be a single file, without interruptions.

Quality ~ 1280 x 720 no need to make large files in Full HD!

You can shoot with any device (webcam, camera, smartphone). The quality should be acceptable for review.

The video should display the following:

– general situation – the conditions in which the massage is performed

– ergonomics of the massage therapist and the model

– implementation of the techniques of a specified method

Video can be both with step and repeat and with camera movement. The main condition is that the shooting should not be conducted from the back of the massage therapist.

Name the file 04_20_ Shevchenko _classical

04_20month and year in which you take part in the contest,
Shevchenko your last name,
classical– a technique in the nomination of which you take part in the contest.

Video duration should be up to 20 minutes.

The video shows a massage according to the stated method.

For a classic massage, massage the back and lower back in a supine position.

The file is stored in a file storage (YouTubeGoogleDriveOneDriveDipfoMegaDropboxFlickr). It should be possible to download the file at the link.

It is forbidden:

– to use licensed music (blocked YouTube videos will be removed from the contest).

It is allowed:

To provide links, paste the address of your video on the contest channel

You can submit your video to the contest every month

Within a week, next month, you can ask the members of the Expert Council for advice regarding your presentation.